Assistance to find escape routes for Israeli Men

December 12,  2020

The Hon. Felipe González Morales

UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants

8-14 Avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneve 10, Switzerland      Email: [email protected]

Re:  Assistance to find escape routes for Israeli Men

       Suffering from feminist terrorism by the Judiciary of Israel          

Dear Mr. Gonzales Morales,

We request your assistance in finding escape routes out of Israel to safe countries who may be willing to accept the men as refugees and allow them to resettle overseas. 

The reason for this request is that the Judiciary in Israel has been overtaken by a cult of radical feminists, and the Israeli laws on its face direct the courts and judges to discriminate in favor of women and against men.  This results in more than 300 suicide cases a year of men in divorce or divorce proceedings, who have been stripped by the Israeli courts of any way to survive.  That includes 100% garnishment of their wages, request arrests, closure of bank accounts and credit cards, alienation from the children, seizure of their savings and pensions, and the most radical tool is the ne exeat order – which prevents them from escaping from the nightmarish life that the Israeli judges prescribe them. 

In addition to the suicide cases, thousands of men like that are thrown to the streets, with no way to afford a roof over their head.  These people need a fresh start in a nee country.  They are being persecuted like pariahs of the state, every day, and they are treated as sub humans by all authorities of the state of Israel.  These people need help to resettle elsewhere, as refugees.    

My name is Kapach Yehonatan.  I am Jewish and I have been a prisoner in Zionist State for the last 20 years due to a ne exeat order. I currently live in the United States and gave up my Israeli citizenship. I also had to give up my entire family who remain in Israel so that I could serve as a voice for all the people who live in the State of Israel with no human rights and their live has being destroyed.

In October 2019 I made an application to travel to take part in the UN Committee on Social, Economic and Cultural rights review of Israel. On October 2, 2019, two members of my family were arrested in my area to allow me to go to the 66th UN Economic and Social Rights Committee with the participation of the representative of the regime State of Israel.  I testified before the Committee that the State of Israel is a human rights-violating state.   Four more persons joined me as part of a civil society response to Israel. 

As a result of this testimony and in contrast to the freedom of expression customary in the Western world, on my return to Israel all my meager property was seized from me, my salary was confiscated, my bank account was confiscated, my driver’s license was confiscated, and my passport renewal was revoked, plus additional restrictions on my liberty and life were imposed. 

The official excuse is an alleged “child support” debt, a debt that does not exist in reality and was fabricated solely to punish me for the allegations I made in an official proceeding of the esteemed UN institution.

Following these proceedings in family court and child support unit – after I was not even allowed to present a defense, I managed to leave to the US.  This came after 5 months that I worked at Intel factory and all my salary was garnished, leaving me with 0 money to feed a new wife (suffering from cancer) and 3 children.  Even in the days of the black slavery in America, at least the slaves got a bed to sleep on and some food….   In Israel, my family was left hungry for bread and water and we needed donations to survive.

Luckily my elderly parents collected donations from my many family members and actually redeemed my false debt and I purchased a one-way flight ticket to the US with only $ 800 in my pocket.  My kids will grow up as orphans, because I rather die – than return to the State of Israel – ever. 

Please do not underestimate the situation in Israel.  The radical feminism ideology of the courts and authorities of the State of Israel is no different than the holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews in World War II.  Except for the crematoriums, Israel has become one big concentration camp for all men in divorce, coupled with Selektzia (women to life, men to death), and Der Sturmer Goebls like incitement and propaganda in all the news and media outlets.    

I am currently in America and I am seeking asylum here. I am now trying to help my brothers left behind in Israel and save lives.  This is why I am writing to you. 

The State of Israel is a prison for Jewish men, and it is precisely in the State of Israel that serious hate crimes against men are committed in the name of “empowering women” and “fighting the patriarchy”.  These crimes are committed in broad daylight and the Judges of Israel are not ashamed of them. These crimes include child trafficking, confiscation of property, forfeiture of bank accounts, arrests, blood libels, revocation of driver’s licenses, revocation of passports, deprivation of liberty, restrictions and more.  This is exactly how the annihilation of Jews started in Germany in the 30s before the mass killings and mass graves.   

A considerable part of the crimes committed in Zion are crimes that enjoy legal protection overseas under theories of “comity” and “full faith and credit” just like the Nazi German Reichstag laws enjoyed at the beginning of the Shoah.

The Germans claimed that the Jews endangered the world and persecuted Jews based on race.  The feminists in Israel claim that men are inherently dangerous to women and children, and they persecute the men in the same ways using neutral labels such as “best interests of the child”, etc. 

I urge you to look into the matter, and assist us in finding countries that may offer a new life to thousands (if not more) men every year in Israel who are in danger of giving up on life completely.  

Yehonatan Kapach X Zion’s Prisoner

Fathers for justice

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