The holocaust in Israel has license

Fathers for Justice

At the united nations, October. 2-3, 2019 – Economic & Social Rights

Who we are:

We are a group of fathers who have been wronged by a corrupt justice system in Israel. The laws in Israel when it comes to children are sexist and automatically favor the women while alienating fit fathers from their children.

Our fight is to have equal rights as women do when it comes to child rearing. We want to have equal laws and access to our children.

As it stands today, we are just a paycheck for child support and alimony with little to no access to our children. We would like the justice system of Israel to give fathers equal rights, access, and opportunity to our children.

We want the justice system of Israel to allow fathers to be fathers and have equality, honor, and integrity when it comes to our children and not just treat us as a pay check.

The laws that apply to fathers should equally apply to the mothers. The justice system should look at what is in the best interest of the children and place them accordingly regardless of parental gender. If children are placed with fathers, and perhaps have mothers pay child support and get visitation rights.

Why are we here at the Geneva at the UN committee for Economic Social and Cultural Rights? 

We are here because the State of Israel perpetrates a gender apartheid against men.  All institutions of the State, with the Supreme Court at its head, collaborate to violate human rights that the fathers are supposed to have. Nobody listens in Israel. Those who voice criticism, go out to demonstrations or expose judicial corruption, are hunted down like animals, and thrown in jail.

What really happens in Israel family courts and the Supreme Court

Defying any and all UN Conventions, Israeli judges stubbornly say that it is legal to discriminate against men and in favor of women, especially in divorce, but practically everywhere else in courts, including criminal courts.  The laws themselves are outright discriminatory. 

Women always get custody of the children because of the Tender Years Presumption. 

Women are exempt from sharing in the child maintenance or paying child support in very rare cases where fathers get custody.  Child support rates are the highest in the world and 2-3 times higher than in the EU.  

Women are allowed and encouraged to file false domestic violence complaints, false allegations of rape and even false accusations of sexual child molestation.  There are no repercussions when women lie under oath in Israel, because Regulation 2.5 exempts Israeli women from prosecution for false police reports.

The State discriminates even among children.  Children of the first wife get all the father’s income.  Children of the second wife are left to starve.  The entire salary can be garnished for child support of the children from the first wife!  When the man’s entire salary is not enough to cover the child support payments (and it oftentimes is not) he can be arrested and imprisoned so frequently that none of the children from either marriage can have a meaningful relationship with their father.

Joint custody in israel

If a father wants visitations or joint custody against the will of the mother, he must wait for a social report that can take months in a waiting list.  The social workers are trained by radical feminist organizations.  Usually, he must pay $8,000 for psycho-diagnostic parental fitness test.

Every city has at least one supervised visitation center.  Many men see their children once a week for 1 hour only.  Over 25% of the men are sent to a contact center.  By contrast the US the rate is 1% or lower.  In Australia 2-3%.  Most fathers simply give up.   

Child support obligation is considered automatic grounds for issuing a no exit order preventing fathers from traveling outside Israel.

Conviction for family violence can be made with no evidence whatsoever, and no witnesses whatsoever, based solely on a signed allegation of the woman.  The conviction rate is 99.9% even when father can prove their innocence.  That means that the judges are pro-prosecution, and that no due process is observed in Israel.  

Parental Alienation rates are highest in Israel.  Most affected are fathers who are cut off from their own children. 

The annual budget for the Israeli Ministry of Welfare is eight times higher per capita than New York City.  This incentivizes Israeli social workers to trump up unnecessary family crisis. 

Why is this happening in Israel

Women’s organizations (e.g. WIZO) have always been strong in Israel.  At the beginning of the State they started building kindergartens and children facilities to house refugees from the Shoah supported by donations from US Jews.  Over the years they adopted a cult like ideology of men- bashing and radical feminism to gain power and more money. 

In the early years WIZO engaged in trafficking of children by kidnapping children of immigrants from Yemen and other “primitive” countries and selling them to wealthy childless Jews from the USA.  Today, they continue the “tradition” of child kidnapping, only this time into their own facilities, where they charge the State $5,000 per child per month in a “child shelter”.   

The Judicial Junta in Israel is so corrupt, it now uses “empowering women” slogans, because of all the money and power concentrated by women’s organizations.  Judges know that any decision against the feminist cult will result in massive shaming campaigns that will damage their reputation.  

The chief Supreme court Judge Esther Hayut prefers to cite radical feminists’ essays, such as those of foreign Catharine McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin (e.g. “all men are slime”) to justify the discrimination over Israeli and international researchers who conducted objective research about family rights and equality rights.

Can one appeal an unfair decision in Israel

Not really.  Although these procures exists, they are exercises in futility and chances are that the male appellant will get a decision shaming him, and trashing him with his name on it. 

The costs of appeals are exorbitant.  Bonding a family appeal is about $5,000. 

Courts invoke a rule that they do not review errors of fact, and one cannot really argue errors in law, because all the laws are bent in favor of women.   


The family court crimes against humanity

Many fathers and men in Israel feel like their State betrays them.  Many say that it feels like a second Holocaust…  that the State of Israel perpetrates crimes against humanity on the ramps of the family court, and it hides all evidence with gag order and “no publicity” orders. 

The rate of suicide among divorced men and men in proceedings of divorce continues to escalate.  Men account for 75% of the suicides in Israel.  Weisskopf (2016) found that divorced fathers were the highest at-risk group for suicide – higher than the three following groups combined. 

The Administration of the Courts is paying a cyber monitoring company to compile reports of everything written about judges in social media.  A “Judicial Reputation Database” generates reports that are sent to the judges themselves with the names of the writers.  In many cases they file police complaint for “insulting a public officer”. 

People feel helpless because they can’t even express emotions on Facebook for fear of being prosecuted or sued for violating the privacy of the wife. 

Why are there no complaints mechanism in Israel 

There is really nowhere to complain in Israel.  Although positions such as ombudsman for judicial review and ombudsman for Prosecutorial misconduct do exist, the State fills them up with former judges who are most notorious for committing the same misconduct and same injustices that they are appointed to “review”.  For example, the Ombudsman for Judicial misconduct, Retired Supreme Court Judge Uri Shoham is a judge who never acquitted one person in his life.  The same goes for David Rozen, the Ombudsman for prosecutorial misconduct.

For the position of Ombudsman for Children in Outplacement facilities complaint, a social worker called Simona Shteinmetz, who was sued by Israeli American parents in the USA for crimes against humanity.  While she was chief social worker for divorce, she promoted ideas of an Australian researcher than men’s brains do not communicate well with toddlers and therefore are inferior or unfit parents.

There is no mechanism for complaining against social workers who are appointed by the judges to decide who the better parent is.  In fact, the officers of the State enjoy full immunity and can’t be sued.

What do we want from the UN 

Put a mirror in the face of a brutal and ruthless judiciary. 

Issue recommendations as to the illegality of the Tender Years Presumption and placing child support burdens on mem only. 

Declare the illegality of discriminatory practices and hold Israel accountable to stop human rights abuses against its own citizens. 

Send more rapporteurs to Israel.

Address individual complaints diplomatically. 

Protection for social activists facing trials for speech and insulting judges.

Help find host countries for men seeking the escape the Israel inferno and start a new life.

Admonish Israel for its liberal use of no exist orders and declare this practice contrary to international human rights.

Pressure Israel to investigate the suicides of 1,400 fathers in the past 5 years, and lift immunity so that the surviving children can sue the State. 

Yehonatan Kapach X Zion’s prisoner

To be continue….

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