Male discriminations in Israel

Fund Petition for Israeli Fathers in USA fighting Israeli feminist Judges

Men in Israel are being discriminated against by the Israeli judges of the family court and Supreme Court.  The entire Judiciary of Israel has been overtaken by a cult of radical feminists who bring men into starvation, homelessness and suicide.  When these radical feminist judgments from Israel are brought to the USA for recognition and enforcement, American judges find it hard to believe that the State of Israel officially discriminates against men based on their sex

It is time to launch a legal petition against the American Department of Justice to compel them to revoke any bilateral treaty that gives Israeli judgments instant “full faith and credit” is the USA, until all the discriminatory laws in Israel are terminated 

If you were also victimized by Israeli judges and its notorious Judiciary, help us fund the Petition which we intend to file in Washington, DC 

Yehonatan Kapach X Zion’s prisoner


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